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Bidet Toilet Seat DF325ZA

Highest quality cleanliness & affordable Bidet seat with loaded features specifically designed for US sleek toilets.
DF-818ZA 03
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With 3rd generation ceramic heating technology , Dyconn Faucet Bidet toilet seat can now heat up the water instantly without the need of warm water preservation. This will significantly reduce the energy consumption.

For the best quality assurance, we use the quality proven microbial coating reduce the possibility of bacteria to survive on the bidet surface by 98%.

Dual Zone Nozzle gives the maximum comfort to the entire family members. With its Replaceable nozzle , allows the user to replace the nozzle whenever they like.

Smart seat sensor automatically activate or deactivate if the user uses or finishes, so it will turn on and shut off some function such as nozzle spraying and seat heating to minimize unnecessary use of energy.

Dyconn Faucet provides real time phone customer service and offer 2 years limited US Manufacture warranty for the Bidet.