67 inches Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtub BSJZ8613L


Solid Surface Free Standing 67" Bath Tub

Model #: BSJZ8613L


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» Description

Dyconn Faucet acrylic free standing bathtubs are constructed with 3rd Generation high strength Acrylic board with FRP reinforcement. In addition to the stylish glossy finish, the surface is treated with a special coating for better heat preservation and prevents color fading or blemishes. With the 3rd Generation Acrylic, the bathtub will be more resistant to scratches and will be easier to polish out if scratches occurs. Having the combination of thicker acrylic board & 5 layers of FRP reinforcement, the bathtub is capable of loading more than 700lb weight inside the tub.
This model will perfectly suit bathrooms with modern decor, as it comes in an attractive contemporary finish - brushed nickel. All Dyconn faucets come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty from authorized sellers.

Note for Buyer: In order for the trucking company to deliver to your location, a valid phone number to reach you is require at the check out.

» Features

  • 100% 3rd Generation High Strength 7mm Acrylic board with 5 layers of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) Reinforcement
  • Matte white finish treated with special coating for better heat preservation & scratch prevention
  • Pop-up Drain & Over flow included
  • 3 year warranty from authorized sellers only (verify with manufacturer)

» Specifications

  • 66.54” L x 29.53” W x 34.65” H
  • 1690*750*880mm
  • 367 lbs