M13 Round/ Oval LED Frameless Backlit Mirror - Edison

M13T Round/Oval LED Frameless Backlit Mirror - Edison
Horizontal/Veritcal LED Wall Mounted Backlit Vanity Bathroom LED Mirror with Touch On/OFF Dimmer & Anti-Fog Function
M13VAT3042W live imageX
M13CAT liveimage
M13CAT liveimageX
M13VAT3042W 02
LED stripe-01
LED backlit mirror backside 01
led backlit mirror backside 02
LED backlit mirror switch
LED backbox 01
LED backlit mirror backside 03
  • 3.15" frosted glass edge around as light source
  • 3ird generation Eco-friendly silver mirror, copper free, anti-rust
  • 4000K Warm Day Time LED mirror
    6400k Cool white (optional available)
  • 5mm Thick Mirror, 35% more clarity over the conventional mirrors
  • 1.6" Frosted LED strip glass as lighting source
  • Built-In Anti-Fog Pad
  • On Mirror Touch Switch On/OFF & Dimmer
  • Available in four sizes
    Round 24" diameter
    Round 36" diameter
    Oval 18" x 24"
    Oval 25" x 35"
    Oval 30" x 42"
    Oval 35" x 43"

Dyconn Faucet Edison M13 Mirror series is designed for both recessed mount and wall mount. With its 4000K LED light , the mirror will provide a most natural feel daytime light color. With the on mirror touch switch, the mirror light can be turned on/off and adjust the brightness at a simple touch. All Dyconn Faucet LED Mirrors are equipped with Anti-Fog Heated pad in the back of the mirror. With the 3rd Generation Eco-Friendly Silver Mirror , it will provide 35% more clarity over the conventional mirrors. All mirrors can be mounted horizontally or vertically.